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Videos for "Chuck Stockdale Movie Flying Sequence.flv"

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Chuck Stockdale Movie Flying Sequence.flv

3.77 min. | Rating: 5 | 1265 views

Chuck Stockdale stunt flying sequence from the Movie "The Hidden Jungle". In addition to doing hi...

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Chuck Stockdale Airshow Performance.flv

8.12 min. | Rating: 5 | 1281 views

Chuck Stockdale flying his Dehavilland Super Chipmunk at the Wings Over Houston Airshow with narr...

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Chuck Stockdale Aerobatics on ESPN.flv

5.90 min. | Rating: 5 | 1203 views

Chuck Stockdale and the Tag-Heuer Aerobatic Team featured on ESPN World of Aviation Show. Aerial ...

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10.37 min. | Rating: 0 | 183 views

In the early days of flight, theater audiences thrilled to the spectacle of aerial stunt flyers f...

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Chuck Stockdale in Cowboys of the Air.flv

9.57 min. | Rating: 5 | 1208 views

Airshow pilots Chuck Stockdale and Nader Fahm are featured in this TV program "Cowboys of the Air...

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Chuck Stockdale Airshow Pilot.flv

3.90 min. | Rating: 5 | 1880 views

Profile of aerobatic stunt pilot Chuck Stockdale flying his DeHavilland Super Chipmunk. Ground fo...

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Chuck Stockdale - Tag Heuer Aerobatic Team.flv

6.95 min. | Rating: 5 | 1462 views

Chuck Stockdale flying as leader of the Tag-Heuer Aerobatic Team. The Team flies two highly modif...

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The Hidden Jungle (1990).m4v

7.23 min. | Rating: 0 | 350 views

The Hidden Jungle was a children's action-adventure feature directed by Steve McCurdy, written an...

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3.52 min. | Rating: 5 | 616 views

Band: FICTION song title - Elevator Sean Johnson-guitar and vocals Jim Stockdale-Bass and Backing...

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Eine Film-Stunt-Sequenz wird einstudiert.

1.27 min. | Rating: 3.75 | 126 views

Training einer Film-Stunt-Sequenz.

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Jim Stockdale in the movie The Hidden Jungle.flv

1.85 min. | Rating: 5 | 1145 views

Actor Jim Stockdale in a scene from the movie "The Hidden Jungle". Stockdale is chained to a wall...

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Flying Chuck!

0.45 min. | Rating: 0 | 491 views

What the little girl GRACE PAYNE fly through the air as she gets triped. She's wearing a jean dre...

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Pepper the Spider 1

0.87 min. | Rating: 5 | 1357 views

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